Innovative heating

Heating films are a simple and efficient heating system. They can be used as floor, wall and even ceiling heating. They are made of high-quality carbon. They emit heat by means of infrared radiation, which guarantees their excellent efficiency. They have high resistance to mechanical damage and abrasion.

They are characterized by high insulation and fire resistance, which makes the entire heating system very safe.

Copper strip electrically conductive. It supplies the heating foil with electricity from the mains.
Base film PET or transparent. It is an insulating and load-bearing layer.
Silver compound strip protects against sparking.
Carbon heating strip . Applied on foil by printing technique.
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Full temperature control

The heating foil is powered by a copper tape connected to the electricity network permanently. Such a system provides incredible comfort and easy control of the temperature in the room through a panel built into the wall.

Infrared operation

Instead of heating the air, the infrared radiation produced by the heating foil raises the temperature of specific objects onto which the rays are emitted. This system is perfect for mounting both under the floor panels and on the ceiling.


The small size and the ease of connecting the heating foil to electricity make it difficult to find an area where this solution will not work.

Advantages of installing heating foils

  • low cost purchase and operation
  • high durability and resistance to mechanical damage
  • no heating boiler and radiators
  • independence from the heating network, boiler room or central heating furnace
  • no heat loss during energy transmission
  • total automation – without supervision and constant temperature control
  • safety – no problems with carbon monoxide, central heating boilers, chimneys and incorrect flue gas discharge.

Valuation of the heating foil in 24h

Heating foils step by step

The installation of heating foils is simple and quick. The entire investment process takes only 4 steps. Forget cold floors and high heating bills! Choose the most economical form of electric heating.


Based on the room projections, we prepare a project and select components.


We send the prepared project together with the proposed offer for approval to the client. After approval – we sign the contract.

Step 3:

We agree on a date and carry out the installation of electric heating, completed with an acceptance protocol.


From now on, you can enjoy heating, the use of which with a photovoltaic system is free!

Technical data

Width and

Width: 25 – 100 cm
Thickness: 0,338 mm


from 100 m to 150 m

Power [1m]
Power [m²]

15 – 220 W
60 – 400 W

Maximum temperature

29 – 75 °C

Roll weight

19 – 40 kg


AC 230V

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