Solar carports

Innovative parking space

Solar carports are multifunctional canopies with photovoltaic panels, which allow not only to safely store the car but also provide additional economic benefits. It is a solution that combines a well-thought-out design with an investment that quickly brings the expected profits. It is a great alternative to a standard garage and a roof-mounted photovoltaic system. Solar sheds can be a source of both energy necessary to charge an electrician or hybrid, and that needed for the functioning of a household.


This solution is especially popular among homeowners, but it will also be perfect for company and hotel car parks as well as at service and commercial outlets. Carports are an ideal investment for individuals, institutions, and companies, as well as cities and municipalities. Installation of a solar shed does not require many formalities, and its location can be easily adapted to the technical conditions of the environment.


Carports are a great solution in the absence of a garage. Solar carports not only get energy from the sun's rays but also act as an ordinary roofs. Thanks to this, they protect the vehicles against rain and snowfall. What's more, they also protect against UV rays and high temperatures, which also have a detrimental effect on the condition of the paintwork, body, and other parts of the car. For people with electric cars, it is worth adding that solar carports integrate perfectly with fast-charging stations, which are also available in our offer.

Urban solar architecture – an investment that is beneficial for users and investors


Benefits for owners

Friendly space

The perfect element for the development of any public space.

Image of the trendsetter

Introduction of innovative solutions to the public space.


With people in mind

Building a pro-social image, creating functional urban architecture.

For the environment

Supporting the image of eco-innovation, using renewable energy sources, pro-ecological action.


Benefits for users

Free energy

Energy production to power an electric car and for household needs.


Modern design, simple assembly, and disassembly, the possibility of easy expansion of the shelter with new segments.


Saving space

Effective use of space, additional space for the installation of a photovoltaic system.

Multiple uses

Parking space, terrace roofing, gazebo, shading of the selected place and much more.

Solar carport – one carport, many possibilities

All models are made of the highest quality materials. As a result, the photovoltaic sheds are resistant to weather conditions, as well as resistant to mechanical damage. In addition, the steel elements are galvanized and powder coated, which ensures long-lasting comfort of use. The modular structure used allows for easy expansion of the shelter into several positions, and even to build the entire parking lot, depending on the users’ needs. The stand itself has been designed so that it allows for easy parking and maneuvering of the car, including easy access to the trunk and side doors of the car. You can also use the shelter as storage space for various objects, such as building materials, electric single-track vehicles, or bicycles. We encourage you to read the details of the products.



Thanks to the materials used and the reinforced structure, the shelters are resistant to mechanical damage and unfavorable weather conditions such as snow, rain, wind, and other weather phenomena.

Modular design

The design of the solar shed guarantees efficient and quick assembly and disassembly, and also allows for easy expansion of the carport into a two-bay carport or the creation of an entire solar car park.

Solar panels

The photovoltaic panels are used to allow for the production of free energy that can be used to charge the car or devices at home.


The connection with the charging station allows you to power the car with energy produced in your yard. It is the perfect solution for owners of electric or hybrid cars.

Ecology and profit

Electric cars charged with energy from the sun are one of the most environmentally friendly communication solutions. Additionally, it allows for significant savings on electricity and fuel.

Car protection

A carport perfectly protects the car from the sun and the unpleasant heating of the car in the summer, as well as damage to the car body or discoloration of the paint by UV rays. The shelter is also a protection against rain, snow, and hail.

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