Warmth and comfort
in your home

Heating mats are an economical, universal and easy-to-install solution. It guarantees quick heating of the floor throughout the house, it works well both in rooms finished with ceramic tiles, terracotta, as well as stoneware or marble.

Constant power in this solution is a guarantee of optimal thermal parameters.

Heating cable system.
Fiberglass mesh
High durability and reliability means that electric heating does not require inspection or maintenance of the heating.
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Full temperature control

You can control the heating mat system in any way you choose, because they are independent of the central heating system.

Infrared 'is the new black'

It is an excellent alternative to classic underfloor heating integrated with a stove and central heating installation.

It will warm you up

It will also work as an additional option to heat up the bathroom, kitchen, living room, room or office.

The benefits of using heating mats

  • safety of use
  • high durability and resistance to mechanical damage
  • more free space – a heating system hidden under the floor
  • economical solution – the possibility of heating only places used by the household members
  • lower demand for energy from the central heating installation
  • solution friendly for the household and the environment
  • lower temperature in the main heat source, without reducing thermal comfort

Pricing of the heating mat in 24h

Installation of the heating mat system

The heating mats do not change the floor level, they consist of a system of pipes placed on a special glass fiber mesh. Their assembly is extremely simple, which allows you to install them yourself without the help of professionals. Therefore, you can use the assembly service or install the mat on your own.


On the basis of room projections, we prepare a project and select components.


We send the prepared project together with the proposed offer for approval to the client. After approval – we sign the contract.


We agree on a date and carry out the installation of electric heating, completed with an acceptance protocol.


From that moment, the customer can enjoy heating, the operation of which with the use of a photovoltaic installation is FREE!

Technical data:

Heating area (m²)

0,5 – 15

Mat dimensions

0,5 x 1 – 0,5 x 30 m

Power [m]
Power [m²]

75 – 2250 W
150 W




23,5 – 601,2


AC 230V

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