Innovative heating

An innovative insulation solution that will be especially appreciated by demanding people who value comfort and aesthetics.

Heating panels are a cheaper alternative to traditional heating systems that rely on fossil fuels and whose prices are constantly rising.

Perfectly profiled rounded corners .
Front made of galvanized steel powder coated.
Even temperature distribution on the surface – the entire surface emits infrared heat.
The panels work failure-free and fully maintenance-free – there is no need to replace the heating system after a few years. In addition, they do not require periodic inspection and maintenance.
Infrared heaters work in a similar way to the sun’s rays. The heat (infrared wave) from the heater is absorbed by objects (walls, objects) and then evenly distributed to the environment.
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Infrared heating

Heating panels are a solution tailored to the needs of modern people - they are reliable, functional and extremely efficient. An additional advantage is the exceptionally aesthetic design that will perfectly fit into any interior design.

Heating for home and business

Heating panels are perfect for both family homes and modern offices. It is a solution that significantly increases the comfort of life and is also economical. Their mode of operation and design will allow you to reduce domestic expenses as well as the costs of running a business.

Ecological and cheap alternative

Heating panels are also an ideal alternative to traditional fossil fuels, whose prices are still rising and their environmental impact is increasingly criticized. Infrared heating is a solution that provides thermal comfort at a reasonable price.

The benefits of using heating panels

  • no emission losses during heat transfer
  • low heating costs – savings of up to 30%
  • convenience and ease of use, simple assembly, no design restrictions
  • space saving , elegant design, easy to arrange
  • failure-free, long life, maintenance-free
  • perfect for allergy sufferers – reduce dust and other dust particles
  • beneficial to health – higher air humidity, no risk of mold and fungus formation on flat surfaces
  • ecological solution – without burning fossil fuels, they can be powered by renewable energy.

Valuation of heating panels in 24h

Heating panels step by step

The heating panels are based on infrared radiation technology. Their design and method of operation allow for the selection of the ideal heating power tailored to the individual preferences of users. This technology is completely safe for humans. The sun is a natural source of infrared radiation – the principle of operation of the panels is analogous.


Based on the room projections, we prepare a project and select components.


We send the prepared project together with the proposed offer for approval to the client. After approval – we sign the contract.


We agree a date and carry out the installation of electric heating, completed with an acceptance protocol.


From that moment, the customer can enjoy heating, the use of which with the use of a photovoltaic installation is FREE!

How do heating panels work?


Infrared heaters

The infrared waves come into contact with any surrounding surface and heat it up. We are then dealing with two heat sources, thanks to which the heating is even.

Indirect heat source

Infrared radiation absorbed by individual objects heats them, and then these objects give off heat to the environment, thus increasing the temperature in the room.

Direct heat source

The heat is of course also emitted directly by the heating panels. The panels can be mounted on walls, ceilings and floors.

Technical data:



Power and strength of the current

500 Watt
2,1 – 2,3 A

The amount
of heat


Heating area


Current frequency

50 – 60 Hz

Dimensions and weight

600 x 600 x 17 mm
13 kg

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