Solar lamps

Bright profit

Solar street lamps are an excellent alternative to traditional street lamps. They are completely based on solar energy, therefore they are perfect for all places far from regular infrastructure, where it is not profitable or impossible to supply electricity, and which require lighting due to their functions.

Thanks to the use of photovoltaic panels, solar lamps allow for significant savings in terms of energy costs and operation.


Photovoltaic lamps are completely safe and environmentally friendly. The extremely durable structure of the device is made of aluminum. It is distinguished by a stable structure and resistance to weather conditions. The built-in motion sensor, solar panel, and battery make the lamp fully autonomous from the power grid.

Saving money

The light produced by LED diodes is completely ecological and free. It is a perfect solution for everyone who wants to reduce the costs of energy consumption in public, industrial and commercial places, as well as on private properties. The installation of the ALEX ELECTRO solar lamp is very simple and quick, and the lamp is ready to work immediately after installation.

Urban solar architecture – an investment that is beneficial for users and investors


Benefits for owners

Saving money

Completely free light from solar lamps with very high efficiency.

Image of the trendsetter

Introduction of innovative solutions to the public space.


With people in mind

Building a pro-social image, creating functional urban architecture.

For the environment

Supporting the image of eco-innovation, using renewable energy sources, pro-ecological action.


Benefits for users

Friendly space

More comfort and safety in any place, without restrictions.


Modern, stylish design, ideally suited to any space.


Smart lighting

Lighting with built-in dusk and motion sensor.


Green energy - free from mercury, lead, and other hazardous materials.

Autonomous solar lamps

The operation of solar lamps is based on a simple scheme and does not require any action. Thanks to the combination of solar panels, batteries, and dusk sensors, the solar energy consumed during the day can be used when it is needed. The lamps are characterized by careful workmanship and the highest quality of the components used, which guarantees them exceptionally long life, even in difficult conditions. The high quality is confirmed by the following certificates: CE, RoHS, EMC, and IP65. We offer, among others 30W solar lamp with LED lighting and a panel reaching 60W, as well as variants with higher power, which will be perfect as street lamps. We encourage you to read the details of the products.



High-performance photovoltaic cells, batteries resistant to temperature changes, aluminum housing, and tempered glass.


No cabling – can be installed in places with difficult terrain, without access to the power network.

Big profit

Elimination of constant, high annual charges for electricity consumption.

Modular design

Guarantee of trouble-free transport and extremely simple assembly.

Pure energy

Alternative power source – electricity from the sun – renewable energy-friendly to the environment and people.


Perfect for lighting streets, pedestrian crossings, public squares, parking lots, parks, private properties, etc.

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