Solar lamps: street and property

Our offer includes solar lamps that can be used both as street lighting and as additional light on a private property. This is an ideal solution not only for energy saving reasons, but can also be an alternative option in places where it is not possible to install an electrical installation. The street solar lamps we offer are equipped with a solar panel and a battery , so they do not consume electricity at all.
We guarantee that the lamps are made in such a way that their housing is resistant to various types of weather and mechanical factors, and that they provide enough light. High quality is confirmed by certificates: CE, RoHS, EMC and IP65. We offer, among others solar lamp 30W with LED lighting and a panel reaching 60W , as well as variants with more power, which will be perfect as street lamps. We encourage you to contact us to learn about our exact offer. We will prepare detailed information for you as well as a product quote.

How do solar street lamps work?

Before buying, many customers fear that solar street lamps are complicated to use. In fact, their operation is based on a simple scheme that does not require any human intervention . Due to the connection with a solar panel, the lamp, when exposed to sunlight during the day, draws energy. The energy is then stored in the battery. In order for the solar lamp to turn on only at the right time, it usually has a built-in dusk sensor.