Car chargers

Fast, universal, stationary and portable chargers for electric vehicles.

Electric car charging

As specialists in building and powering electric vehicles, we have created a wide range of chargers for electric cars. Among them are both stationary and portable chargers. Models with different installation methods are available – incl. wall mount, post, portable or free standing.

AEC Portable

3 kW

AEC Home

7 kW

AEC Commercial

7 kW

AEC Electro

22 kW


2 x 22 kW


20 kW

Fast charging station for electric cars

Do you own an electric vehicle and value independence? Check the range of chargers that will allow you to charge your electric car at home – you no longer have to look for available fast charging stations. In this category we have prepared chargers for electric cars at good prices.

House charging station

In the category below we offer a wide selection of chargers for an electric car. Among them you will find, among others AEC Portable Charger 3 kW, stationary free-standing AEC Duo Charger 2×22 kW and much more. We offer only the highest quality equipment. Now charging an electric car is easier than ever. We invite you to check our full offer!