Elements of small urban architecture

Smart City – benches, sheds, bikeports and
bicycle repair stations.

Smart City – intelligent solar benches, ecological sheds and bicycle stops

As a company whose goal is to increase the interactivity and efficiency of urban infrastructure, we have prepared a rich offer consisting of various types of urban architecture. We create practical solutions and ecological products such as – sheds, bicycle stops with a bicycle repair station or energy-saving and intelligent solar benches.

Solar benches

Picnic Table

Sit down – Charge – Relax


Solar bench


Solar bench

Installations with an autonomous power supply system – check our offer

All our products – solar lamps with dusk sensor, bike ports, ecological bicycle stops and sheds or solar benches with an autonomous charging system for mobile devices are made of high quality components.

Bicycle sheds


 Bicycle shed / bicycle stop


 Bicycle shed / bicycle stop

Bike Ports




Bus shelters

Small bus shelter AE030-S

Standard bus shelter AE030-L

Medium bus shelter AE030-M

Extra large bus shelter AE030-XL

Solar lamps

Lamp 30W

Panel 60W

Lamp 50W

Panel 90W

Choose our ecological and effective elements of small urban architecture

By using innovative photovoltaic systems, we change the urban space into a more friendly to residents. Thanks to the experience in creating electronic systems, advanced technical facilities and modern machinery park, we are able to implement any, even the most demanding project related to the e-mobility industry. We invite you to contact us.