How much will I pay for the photovoltaic system?


How much will I save with photovoltaics?


A photovoltaic system for home

Electricity costs can make up a large part of your monthly expenses. You use more and more electrical devices and your electricity demand is constantly growing. Free yourself from high electricity bills and invest in solar energy

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Before PV System

High electricity bills keep you awake at night, and your energy needs keep growing?

There is constant information about further increases in electricity prices and rising CO2 taxes. Additionally, are you aware of the negative impact on the natural environment and the deteriorating climate situation?

Would you like to save more and be more ECO? You don’t want to be dependent on price increases and energy suppliers? Do you need a change? Bet on photovoltaics and build a better future with ALEX ELECTRO!

With PV System

  • You save on electricity bills , the value of your real estate grows, and surplus energy can be sold.
  • You are independent from the annual increases in electricity prices and from changes in energy suppliers.
  • You take advantage of discounts and subsidies for solar farms, while saving even more.
  • You are ECO – you gain a positive image of a company that cares about the environment.
  • You enjoy a maintenance-free photovoltaic installation and free electricity without restrictions for many years.
  • You control  your own solar plant via a mobile app.
Photovoltaics for home

Free electricity from the sun? Why not!

Say no to high electricity bills! Photovoltaic panels will provide the necessary energy to all devices in your home . A photovoltaic installation is a secure investment that will pay off even within a few years.

Our demand for electricity is constantly growing, almost all household appliances need energy to work. The most sensible solution is to build your own solar power plant . The sun is the third largest renewable energy source that will never run out, is environmentally friendly and does not produce the toxic pollutants that cause global warming.

Photovoltaics are not only savings, but also environmental protection and care for future generations.

Investment process in ALEX ELECTRO

You are only 5 steps away from your own solar plant!

Free audit and valuation of the photovoltaic installation

Let's arrange a meeting at a time convenient for you. We will inspect the installation site, analyze electricity bills and answer all your questions. All this will allow us to prepare the valuation of your photovoltaics and select the appropriate power of the photovoltaic installation .

Agreement and financing

After signing the contract prepared by us, we will help you go through all the formalities. We will select the most favorable form of financing for your photovoltaic installation and we will advise you on discounts and subsidies for renewable energy sources.

Professional assembly

Our fitters are professionals in every way. Their many years of experience guarantee efficient and professional assembly of the photovoltaic installation, which will ensure your maximum efficiency and will allow you to enjoy minimal fees.

Post-assembly care

Our goal is the full satisfaction of our clients . That is why we also take care of them after the assembly is completed. We check if everything works as it should and we answer any questions. We also offer a 5-year assembly warranty.

Endless benefits

From now on, you do not have to worry about increasing electricity bills, because your photovoltaic installation guarantees you an inexhaustible source of free energy from the sun . By opting for RES, you also care for the well-being of our planet and future generations. Thank you for that! Together we can build a better future.

Free yourself from electricity bills!


Solar PV installation?

Choose wisely, trust the specialists – choose solar farm from ALEX ELECTRO!

Highest quality components

We work only on proven best quality products. Each installation is ideally suited to the environmental conditions. This ensures that our installations will run smoothly.

Own assembly team and research station

As the only company in Poland, we have our own research station to control the efficiency of photovoltaic panels. Our fitters are specialists with many years of experience. Thanks to this, we have constant control over the entire investment process.

Full customer care and post-warranty service

We are 100% sure of the high quality of our services, we also care about full customer satisfaction both before and after the investment. Therefore, we provide care also after assembly and help in any problematic situation.

Attractive loan offers

In order to meet the expectations of our clients, we established cooperation with the Crédit Agricole bank, supporting investments in photovoltaics. We offer the best credit offers and assistance with formalities. We will also help you obtain favorable discounts and subsidies.

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