Heat pump – how doest it work?

The operation of the heat pump is based on a simple mechanism. Heat pumps take heat energy from a reliable source, the temperature of which is lower than in the heated room, and convert this heat so that it has a higher temperature than at the beginning.

This mode of operation is often compared to the operation of a refrigerator, which takes heat from the products it contains and gives it away to the environment. The heat pump works in the same way. A suitable heat pump installation (e.g. a system of water-filled glycol pipes) extracts heat from the soil, air, or groundwater then condenses this heat using a compressor and gives it to its surroundings.

Ekologiczne i odnawialne źródła energii.
Pompa ciepła zamienia energię z otoczenia w ciepło użytkowe.
Energia produkowana przez pompę ciepła wykorzystywana jest do podgrzewania oraz do ogrzewania pomieszczeń użytkowych.

Comfort and safety

The installation of the heat pump does not require a separate boiler room and does not interfere in any way with the structure of existing buildings. The device is compatible with most heating installations. In addition, the pump operation is quiet and maintenance-free. In winter, the heat pump heats the utility water and rooms, while in the summer, thanks to the cooling function, it ensures pleasant coolness even in the hottest heat. Heat pumps, unlike traditional heating systems, do not pose any risk of fire or gas leakage. This is a 100% safe solution for everyone.

Save money

By choosing a heat pump, you significantly reduce your home operating costs. Bills for heating utility water and rooms can be up to four times lower than in the case of central heating. The heat pump consumes very little electricity during operation, as evidenced by the high COP coefficient (it expresses the ratio of the amount of heat generated to the amount of energy consumed by the pump).


Heat pumps are completely emission-free, they do not release carbon dioxide, smoke, or other harmful substances into the atmosphere. In addition, they use renewable energy to heat the building, and their construction is based on the use of environmentally friendly components.

Benefits of a heat pump:

  • low operating costs;
  • energy-saving – using renewable energy sources;
  • ecological and emission-free;
  • works perfectly with photovoltaics;
  • safe use without any fire risk;
  • completely maintenance-free – remote management and programming;
  • easy to install, comfortable, and convenient to use.

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Heat pump installation - step by step

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From now on, you can enjoy heating, the operation of which with the use of a photovoltaic installation is PLN 0! Our goal is the satisfaction of our customers, therefore, after the assembly is completed, we also provide you with post-installation care.


Heat pumps KAISAI:

H x L x D

0,526 m x 1,385 m x 0,945 m


0,688 m³


121 kg – 160 kg

Energy class


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