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Our solar e-benches in Koziegłowy

By 29 December 2020 February 4th, 2021 No Comments
Czerwonak realizacja e-Ławka solarna

We invite you to see our latest implementation in Koziegłowy (Czerwonak commune). The city square of John Paul II will be decorated there with intelligent benches: RLC Picnic Table and e-Bench AE006.

Realization by ALEX ELECTRO – Koziegłowy:
🔹 RLC Picnic Table
🔹 2x  e-Bench AE006


Intelligent benches: RLC Picnic Table and AE006 e-Bench are small architecture with an autonomous charging system. Solar benches draw 100% of their energy from the sun. They have a place to rest, chargers for mobile devices and bicycle stands.

City dwellers and walkers can take advantage of the following features:

  • Internet access via a WiFi router – hotspot.
  • Possibility to charge devices via USB sockets: smartphones, tablets, mp3 players.
  • 12V power supply for devices via the car lighter socket: tourist coolers, compressors, mattress pumps or additional 4 USB sockets.
  • The ability to charge the battery in light electric vehicles, e.g. bicycles.

Investor benefits:

  • The perfect element of zoning.
  • The image of a trendsetter – introducing innovative solutions to the public space.
  • Pro-social image – creating usable urban architecture.
  • Supporting the image of eco-innovation – using Renewable Energy Sources.


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