Solar bike shelters

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With people and the environment in mind

Solar sheds are one of the elements of street furniture designed with the high comfort of users and care for the natural environment in mind. It will be perfect for places where it is difficult to get access to electricity. It allows you to rest on a bench for a moment and gives shelter from the sun or rain for both us and our bikes. Thanks to photovoltaic panels, we can easily charge mobile, tourist, and electric two-wheelers while relaxing in the open air.


Solar sheds can be equipped with intelligent, fully autonomous LED lighting, with a built-in dusk sensor and a wi-fi router. There is a possibility of any personalization of the shelters, with the possibility of adjusting the structure, colors, and appearance of the advertising site.
In addition to solar panels, LED lighting, and chargers, they have built-in deep discharge batteries with overcharging protection.


The modern look is emphasized by the combination of steel elements with pine wood, which perfectly fits into any space, both urban and more natural. The shelters will be perfect for downtown buildings, on the outskirts of cities, at service points or schools, and in residential agglomerations. They will be an ideal point for storing two-wheelers, minor repairs, and charging electric vehicles.

e-Wiata AE008

Urban solar architecture – an investment that is beneficial for users and investors


Benefits for owners

Friendly space

The perfect element for the development of any public space.

Image of the trendsetter

Introducing innovative solutions to the public space.

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With people in mind

Building a pro-social image, creating functional urban architecture.

For the environment

Supporting the image of eco-innovation, the use of renewable energy, pro-ecological activities.


Benefits for users

Public wi-fi

Bezpłatny i bezproblemowy dostęp do internetu dla każdego.

Free charge

Możliwość bezpłatnego uzupełnienia energii w urządzeniach mobilnych i turystycznych.


Smart Lighting

Autonomiczne oświetlenie z czujnikiem zmierzchu, zapewniajace bezpieczeństwo i komfort.

Shelter for bicycles

Miejsce do przechowania rowerów lub hulajnóg, z możliwością naładowalenia elektrycznych modeli.

Solar bicycle shelters

All models are made of the highest quality materials. As a result, the photovoltaic sheds are resistant to weather conditions, as well as resistant to mechanical damage. Additionally, the steel elements are galvanized and powder coated, and the wood is impregnated, which ensures long-term comfort of use. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the available products. Detailed specifications can be found in tabs dedicated to specific models of shelters.

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Thanks to the construction used, solar sheds are resistant to mechanical damage and weather conditions.


Developed space for a logo or advertising. Possibility of personalization in terms of visuals.

Photovoltaic panels

The used photovoltaic panels allow for the production of free energy, and as a result, efficient charging of electrical devices.


The shelters are equipped with intelligent LED lighting with dusk sensors, ensuring the safety of users.


Possibility to charge devices via USB port, car cigarette lighter socket, or wirelessly (on selected models).

Wi-fi router

Unlimited access to the Internet through a wi-fi router, remote access control possible.

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