Fotowoltaika nie daj się oszukać

There are many advantages to using a photovoltaic plant. In order to be able to enjoy them, the PV installation should consist of properly installed, high-quality PV panels. Recently, we have seen a flood of new companies assembling photovoltaics. How to choose the right one and not be deceived?

The unflagging popularity of photovoltaics means that new companies dealing with photovoltaics are created every now and then, and our boxes are bursting with offers for photovoltaic installations. Unfortunately, emerging companies are not always reliable.

Photovoltaic installations – what is the most important?


It should be noted that the photovoltaic installation will work properly only if its components are properly selected, the structure is well designed, and the assembly is solid. The PV installation itself is maintenance-free and should not cause any problems. The problems plaguing photovoltaic installations are due to incorrect installation.

The installation itself is expected to work for up to 30 years, so when choosing a company, do not only consider the price. Remember that if something is cheap, savings are hidden somewhere, and in photovoltaics, the most common saving is on the quality of equipment. Therefore, beware of “cheapest electricity”, “extra sale” or lowest price guarantees.

Choosing a photovoltaic company – what to pay attention to?

  1. Experience – check when the company has been operating and what experience it has in photovoltaic installations. The fact that the company has been operating on the market for 5 years does not mean that it has the same long experience in installing PV installations. A company can be considered experienced if it installs at least 1000 PV installations.
  2. Legal status – reject the bushes by checking the company in the National Court Register and CEIDG.
  3. Warranty – it is known that the equipment is automatically covered by the warranty, but does the company provide a warranty for assembly? Does it have its own assembly teams or does it use the services of foreign companies? Own teams ensure quality control at every stage of implementation.
  4. Customer opinions – check the reliability of work and investor opinions. Industry forums, google profile, Facebook.
  5. Company size – often larger companies that are well-known on the market do not have to apply to their services and customer service anymore and offer a mascot.
  6. Brand – when choosing a company, its professionalism should be assessed. Watch out for “no name” companies that do not have experience and tempt with extremely low prices. In this case, the service can bring about dire consequences, such as damage, destruction or even fire. In addition, a trusted brand is employees with the required qualifications and training, who will install the photovoltaic installation safely and reliably.
  7. Quality of equipment and assembly – the equipment must come from proven sources, be brand new and have serial numbers that are necessary in the event of a possible complaint of the equipment. A trusted photovoltaic company usually works with several different manufacturers of photovoltaic equipment. Moreover, the cooperation between the installer and the equipment supplier affects the service, training and complaint processes.
  8. Comprehensive service – from an individual project, through reliable and skilful assembly, assistance in completing formalities, final inspection, and then service or complaints.
  9. Transparent and understandable contract – the contract should be clearly formulated and not contain any tricks. If the agent suggests a contract and persuades you to sign it as soon as possible, without giving time to check the details, the warning light should light up. A professional company has nothing to hide and will always allow the client to read the contract calmly.
  10. Cooperation with a financial institution – a reliable photovoltaic company usually works with a bank in the field of loans and subsidies. Thanks to this, the customer does not have to deal with matters related to, for example, a loan.
  11. The reality of the information already at the first valuation – do not be a victim of fake information sold by a solar company! To encourage a purchase, traders often “color” the efficiency of PV panels, yield, payback period, etc. Sometimes the seller treats the customer as completely unaware of this technology and simply tells him stories. If the company does this, say goodbye to it as soon as possible.

What will a professional photovoltaic company provide?

First of all, an individual approach to the client. We know many cases of companies that treat customers in bulk, which is a huge harm for the investor. Why? Each installation must be adapted to the needs of a given household / enterprise. Factors such as the location of the house, space utilization, orientation, and more are taken into account. Therefore, the plant design process is crucial.

The investment begins with a local vision. At this stage, the parameters of the facility are checked and the appropriate power of the installation is selected, tailored to the customer’s needs. Obstacles such as chimneys, ventilation and possible shading should be taken into account. The easiest way to install will not always turn out to be the best in use, so an experienced fitter will propose an installation with the highest profitability.

After the assembly is completed, the team should carefully check the entire installation, because even the best can make minor mistakes. Therefore, in the end, the company should carry out a verification and audit of the investment.

How not to overpay for a photovoltaic installation?

The costs for the photovoltaic installation range from several to several dozen thousand zlotys. The investment costs may be partially covered by subsidies. What is the right price? It depends, and the choice is really tough. On the market we find offers for similar goods, varying up to 50%. That is why companies with no experience often compete on price. However, it should be remembered that you should start saving after installing the installation, and not at the beginning of the investment.

We will remember that we invest in our real estate for 20, 30 years. Will you be tempted by a cheaper offer, but coming from an unproven company?