Projekt fotowoltaika

Before setting up a photovoltaic installation, we usually dig through the mass of industry websites and opinions on forums. Facts and myths. How to tell them apart? Where to find reliable information? We present and debunk the 5 most popular myths about photovoltaics.

1. We don’t have enough sun in Poland.

Some people are not enthusiastic about PV investments due to the high amount of rainfall, short winter days, and cloudy skies. However, despite the apparent obstacles and differences in weather conditions in Poland, our climate is ideally suited for the production of energy from sunlight.

The truth is that hot days and very high temperatures can lead to a drop in system efficiency and faster wear. Photovoltaic modules absorb stray rays that occur on cloudy days.


2. In winter, the panels do not produce any energy.

The shorter days and lower temperatures we have in winter in Poland do not affect the energy production by photovoltaic modules to a greater extent.

Energy production will certainly fall, especially in December and January. However, remember that in winter we can collect the surplus energy produced during the summer.


3. Investing in a photovoltaic installation is unprofitable.

We all know that this is an invaluable investment for the environment, but what about our budget?

What will we gain from many years of investment?

                • Independence from increases in electricity.
                • Own production of clean energy.
                • Possibility to connect house heating. More about it in our tab Cheap heating

If you want to know:

        • How much will your installation cost?
        • When will it pay you back?
        • What power should you consider?



4. The performance of the panels drops quickly.

The average decline in panel performance over the year is estimated at tenths of a percent. The highest decrease in their efficiency takes place in the first year after installation. The manufacturer’s warranty on the panels ensures that within 25 years use their performance will not fall below 83%.

The cases when panels lose their effectiveness within a few years are negligible. However, we can also observe such. Low efficiency of a photovoltaic installation is very often the result of assembly errors. More on this in our post The most common mistakes in the assembly and design of photovoltaics – how to avoid them?

5. A photovoltaic installation is too much interference in the roof structure.

Today’s roofs are strong enough to withstand much greater loads than a photovoltaic installation. However, in the case of old roofs, reinforcement under the installation structure will be needed.

That is why the audit is being carried out. Before the investor decides to install the roof, check the technical condition of the roof, it’s covering, and possible reinforcements.
During the audit, the direction of the roof and shading are also assessed. More on shading in our post How does the shading of solar panels affect the efficiency of the installation?
All these activities are carried out to make the future installation fully efficient.