Błędy w montażu fotowoltaiki

Photovoltaic installations should produce energy for about 25-30 years. It is worth remembering when choosing a contractor. It is best to choose a proven company that has specially qualified installers.

The most common mistakes appear mainly at the assembly stage, but there are mistakes during design.

Renewable energy sources on the Polish market are a relatively new solution. Many contractors can stretch information about yields, efficiency, and payback times to win a customer.

Incorrectly estimated how much energy will be produced and what the profits will be.

The selection of an optimal and cost-effective installation is influenced by an accurate estimate of the amount of energy and consumption required. During the estimated calculations, it is worth paying attention to:

The more meticulous and precise calculations of these parameters, the less disappointment in the operation of PV installations.


Errors at the design stage.

When creating a PV plant project, a number of errors can appear:

  • improper arrangement of wires,
  • failure to take into account the roof load capacity in the design,
  • incorrect dimensioning.

All such repairs result in increased costs. It will be a great help to provide the contractor and engineers with detailed information needed to design our photovoltaic installation.


Apparent savings.

Let us not be fooled by the tempting installation prices. In return, we will get poor quality equipment, and the assembly will be carried out by employees without special installation qualifications. This results in the following:

                • non-compliance with health and safety rules,
                • installing poor quality cables,
                • use of devices without approvals,
                • wrong selection of the inverter power.

The effect is the same as in the previous cases. Additional costs of operating and repairing the photovoltaic installation.

Of course, you should also pay attention to:

    • positioning the panels at the right angle,
    • panel transport,
    • installation insurance.

A properly designed photovoltaic installation installed by qualified installers will provide energy to your home for many years. Remember that PV installation is for your profit, not your losses. Trust the specialists in the industry, and the investment will certainly pay off.