Projektowanie fotowoltaika

Photovoltaic installations are a very popular solution today. The investment in solar panels pays off after a few years of use, and thanks to supporting programs we can receive 5,000. gold funding for our installation and for assistance in the thermal modernization of the house.

When planning the installation of photovoltaic panels on the currently designed building, pay attention to:

    • Roof Direction – The positioning of the roof plays one of the most important roles in producing energy. Ideally, the roof should fall towards the south. The panels are most effective when the sun shines directly on them and most of the day.
    • Roof – The correct slope angle is an essential part of the installation. It will be best between 30 and 45 degrees. The load on the roof by the panels is considerable. Therefore, it should be covered with uniform materials resistant to damage, e.g. metal or bituminous shingles. The roof should be free of any structural elements. All elements limiting the surface, such as skylights, windows and chimneys should be on the opposite side of the slope.
    • Arrangement of the garden – When designing a house, we also pay great attention to the arrangement of green areas. When planning a photovoltaic installation, remember not to place tall plantings in the immediate vicinity of the roof and panels. They can shade the panels in the future, which will reduce their efficiency.
    • Heating – It is worth considering whether the area of the planned roof will be large enough to allow the installation of installations with sufficient power to heat the house. We can also give up the chimney and install an electric heating installation.

Thanks to the earlier inclusion of the photovoltaic installation in the building design, even before its construction, we can adjust it to the maximum technically and optimize the additional expenses provided for existing houses.

It is worth remembering the form of subsidies for the photovoltaic installation. Currently, applications are being collected from the My Electricity program. In order to receive a reimbursement of part of the costs in the amount of PLN 5,000, an invoice for the service provided must be attached to the application. How and where to submit an application is presented in the tab My electricity program.